Christian wisdom : desiring God and learning in love

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Praying in the Closet and in the Spirit

In Chapter 2 Ford introduces another key theme: rereading Scripture in the Spirit, or the hermeneutics of Pentecost. Ford fills in an important gap in this respect with this attention to the work of the Spirit. Nonetheless, it is in the chapter on Job Chapter 3 that we reach the heart of the book.

Here, wisdom within the earshot of cries becomes wisdom within the earshot of anguished cries, and Ford seems to suggest that a theology that sits only within reach of more satisfied or triumphant cries is lacking something essential. The middle chapters 6 and 7 bridge between the text-centered reflections of the first half of the book and the case studies of the final three chapters.

Educational programs stress character and virtue; wisdom fits into this discourse, even if not directly named. The University of Chicago, however, explicitly names this pursuit and has created the Center for Practical Wisdom. Their Wisdom Research shows that growing in wisdom requires varied experiences. Practical wisdom is deliberation and beneficial action concerning matters that could be different from what they are.


Such matters involved morals, ethics, spirituality, community formation, conflict management, and all the ways human beings relate to one another and to our habitats. As models of church and ministry continue to change, wisdom is more important than ever.


Where do we turn for this? Theologian David W.

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Ford of Cambridge University speaks of theology as wisdom. This is a helpful turn from the more venerable notion of theology as knowledge or doctrine, which often has negative connotations. Wisdom is more than information; rather, it is the practice of living with discretion, understanding, and the guidance of the Spirit. In addition to the study of scripture, participation in worship, regular prayer and rigorous interrogation of the received tradition conspire to form a wise person.

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When a horrific tragedy befell a nearby monastery, the Abbot guided the community with uncommon grace and wisdom. His daily practice of praying the Psalter in choir, accompanied by private prayer and the discipline of living in community, had so formed his heart and mind that he instinctively knew what to do. The desire for wisdom is a form of schooling as one is taught by the Spirit of God how to love God and others.

"Christian wisdom: desiring God and learning in love" by David Ford

What is Christian wisdom for living in the twenty-first century? Where is it to be found? How can it be learnt? In the midst of diverse religions and worldviews and . Buy Christian Wisdom: Desiring God and Learning in Love (Cambridge Studies in Christian Doctrine) by David F. Ford (ISBN: ) from Amazon's.

The Spirit is the source of wisdom, and one learns to listen to that which wells up from the innermost being. We meet God afresh as we read the biblical narratives of human encounter with the creating, coming, and abiding Triune God. Like the biblical sage Solomon, God offers to us the possibility of become wise. Our time abounds in foolishness; nevertheless, wisdom can overcome it with patient fortitude and grace.

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Grounded in the life of God, humans share in the promise wisdom holds.